Guangzhou Koodee Metal Co., Ltd. is located beside the beautiful Pearl River, Specialized in the Researching, Developing, Manufacturing and Trading of Stainless steel water bottle, Plastic Bottle, and Stainless Steel barware. Covers 40,000 square meters’ factory and 200 employees.

The Koodee Company delicate to bring superior quality water bottles to supply the people all over the world with a happy and convenient drinking experience. To let people learn and get “Koodee” water bottles easier, We have registered our trademark”Koodee” in Japan, United States, United Kingdom. And we will try to apply for this trademark in more countries & areas. We have exported water bottles to various countries, such as Canada, United States, Brazil,South Africa, Japan,Korea,United Kingdom, Germany. Notably,our water bottles are presented in many giant supermarkets and specialist stores. Wal-mart, Mont-Blanc, Volvo, M&M, Victoria's Secret, and so on. Different brands, Different Places, but the same Koodee Bottle.

Koodee Management's aim is to contribute to more people. We organized two activities to support the poor every year. To supply some water bottles and schoolbags for those children in need,who lives in the remote poor areas. Besides, we set up a donating box just in front of our company gate, to gather the love of more employees, and contribute all to the “UNICEF”.

Koodee company's core is to “be healthy and be helpful”. We try best to manufacture better quality water bottle to help the public get more wholesome drinking experience. Also, we prefer to contribute to what we can do about who we can help.

Add.: Rm2908,Block A,Zhongjing Building,Poly Clovis Square,No.406#2,Huasui Rd,GZ 510623 
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Address:Rm2908,Block A,Zhongjing Building,Poly Clovis Square,No.406#2,Huasui Rd,GZ 510623 Tel:+86-20-37276232/37276233/87085694
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